Certified by Quest certification ISO 9001:2015
Certified by BIS IS 1293:2005

Solar OFF Grid Inverter

  • Product Name Solar OFF Grid Inverter
  • Category OFF Grid - Solar Inverter
  • Features
    • Pure sine wave output
    • Rated power 1kw~6kw
    • 3 times surge powerWide frequency 50Hz-60Hz
    • Overload & short circuit protection
    • Smart battery charger designed for optimized battery performance < 3%
    • Cold start function



SPI Series low frequency pure sine wave inverter is a new product with inbuilt advance technology,very economical pure sine wave inverter with a DC charger of 35A to 75A. It can offer 3-step intelligent battery charging, and equipped with 8 preset battery type selector for totally flat batteries. The inverter has a Battery / Ac priority configuration. When on Battery priority, this means that when AC power is present the inverter charged the battery first before transferring the input AC to power the load.

Application Diagram

Technical Specification