Certified by Quest certification ISO 9001:2015
Certified by BIS IS 1293:2005

Polycab MonoCrystalline Module

  • Product Name Polycab Mono Crystalline Module
  • Category Solar Panel


  • Manufactured using high grade raw materials from reputed international suppliers adopting a stringent quality criteria.
  • Torsion and corrosion resistant with Silver (>15 micron) Anodized Aluminum frame.
  • Wakes Up early and sleeps Late.
  • BIS/IEC Approved.
  • PID Free Modules with Extra long-term reliability.
  • Better Performance even at Low Irradiance condition.
  • Calibration modules for output measurement regularly tested at BIS/MNRE Approved Laboratory.
  • >76.0% fill factor for improved energy conversion efficiency.
  • >25 Years of Performance Warranty.