Certified by Quest certification ISO 9001:2015
Certified by BIS IS 1293:2005

MPPT Solar Control Photelectric Water Heater SWS Series

  • Product Name MPPT Solar Control Photelectric Water Heater SWS Series
  • Category Solar Water Heater
  • Features 60L/100L/150L/200L/



Applying the MPPT technology, the Solar Panel convert the photon of the sun to a DC power that is boosted and regulated by the MPPT controllr to power the PTC element. The PTC element, heats the water during the day when there is adequate sun light. Thus an alternative AC power is provided as a backup at night or rainy season.

System Design

Application Diagram


  • Power willnot be affected by environment temperature, even when it been install in a cold or tropical area, the heater still produce the same require temperature of hot water, when compared with the solar-thermal power.
  • Smart switching DC/AC control for AC power back up 98% solar energy conversion efficiency.
  • Smart DC/AC PTC elementr heating.
  • Dual power PTC element heating.
  • Pressurized water tank,with continuous hot water output 24/7.
  • Real time display on the controller screen.
  • Easy installation and commissioning.

Technical Data